About the Journal

Focus and Scope

“Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals” is a professional reviewed scientific periodical publication on construction, physical metallurgy and applied branches of science and technology. Scientific Information Journal publishes scientific articles for occurrence among scientists of Ukraine and abroad. The field of occurrence is nation-wide. Category readers: scientists, researchers, manufacturers, postgraduate students, masters, experts, bachelors.

Peer Review Process

Principles of reviewing and journal policy: objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for the purpose of the publication; a high level of requirements for the presentation of research results; collegiality while deciding on the publication of articles; accessibility and efficiency in the work with the authors; the strict compliance with copyright and allied rights; observance of the schedule of the journal and the provision of information on the website “Vydannja”. Reviewers are attracted independently by the authors with a specialty of the paper. The number of reviewers - 2 Doctors of Science (for articles, in which the authors are PhDs, Masters, Postgraduate Students, Bachelors).

Publication Frequency

The journal is published 4 times a year or every 3 months (January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December) according to filling (at least 8 articles in the release number).

Open Access Policy

This journal is practicing a policy of immediate open access published content, supporting the principles of the free distributing of scientific information and global exchange of knowledge for the general social progress.

Journal History

  1. The journal is in existence since 1997. Founder: State Higher Educational Establishment “Prydniprovska State Akademy of Civil Engineering and Architecture”. State Registration Certificate of Publication Media, series КВ № 8986 on 22 Jul. 2004.

Certificate-series DK № 1291 on  20 Mar. 2003 about the registration SHEE PSACEA as the subject of publishing the State Register of Publishers and Publishing Products Circulating. ISSN 2413-7405. Language: Ukrainian, Russian and English.