Use of the firmware for optimization of the new and existing technologies and the equipment for thermal hardening of rails

L. N. Deineko, V. O. Moskаlenko, G. I. Perchun


The work purpose – to determine parameters of the mode of heating of a head of a rail of a broad track of production of “Azovstal metallurgical works” (Mariupol) with use of the currents of high frequency (CHF) and also characteristics of an inventory which are necessary for receiving a layer of the strengthened metal on depth of 22 mm from the surface of rolling metal  according to requirements of GOST P 51685-2013. Research techniques: analytical and the experimental. Results of researches showed that for achievement of the normalized depth of the strengthened metal layer in a head of thermally processed rails it is necessary to determine rational magnitudes of frequency of current, the power brought to an inductor, heating time, etc. parameters. For this purpose necessary experiments with engaging of the domestic firmware are made and it allowed to reduce significantly expenses of capacities for manufacture of rails with the normalized level of properties. The scientific novelty of results of researches is defined by parameters of developments and their influence on processes of structurization and property of metal of the strengthened rail head layer. The practical significance of development consists in a possibility of their use for reconstruction of the existing inventory of RBTs PJSC «MK AZOVSTAL».


rail of a broad track; installation for heating of CHF; structure; hardness


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