Experience in inspection of loading structures of boiler frame BBP 210-140 with determination of their technical state and development of recommendations for further operation


  • S. V. Kozlov
  • O. M. Kozlova




reliability, durability and stability, elements of a framework, lining


Formulation of the problem. The boiler unit is lined in order to protect the surfaces of the supporting frame (columns, beams) from possible mechanical, thermal, physical and chemical damage. The importance of high-quality lining of thermal units has been known for a long time and there is a huge amount of information on this topic. It should be noted that the main load falls on the lining − this is the effect of high temperatures, aggressive chemical environment, mechanical stress and other factors during the operation of the heating unit. Particular attention should be paid to the lining device if the unit is metal, since the thermal expansion of the metal is much greater than that of the brick, which must be taken into account. There must be a gap for thermal expansion between the lining layer and the metal walls of the heating unit, otherwise the lining may simply collapse when the metal is heated. The gap is sealed with basalt wool in the form of bundles or sheets. The efficiency of the thermal boiler equipment fully depends on how durable, heat-resistant, energy-efficient, and repairable the lining will be. During operation, under the influence of high temperatures and chemical slags, the boiler lining gradually wears out. A timely high-quality repair of the boiler lining will protect the equipment from serious damage to the frame structures and urgent replacement of individual elements of the boiler equipment. The purpose of the article is to work on the technical inspection of the elements of the boiler frame BBP 210-140 due to the need to determine their actual technical condition and the development of recommendations for further safe operation. Assessment of technical condition is carried out on the basis of technical inspection (visual and instrumental) and verification calculations. To determine the stress strain state that occurs in the columns of the frame, test calculations were perform using the software package "Lira – Windows". Conclusion. Based on the results of technical inspection and verification calculations, it was found that the columns of the frame, due to the presence of significant plastic deformations in certain areas, caused in turn by the action of local high-temperature exposure, are no longer able to perceive the maximum operational loads. A variant of strengthening the columns of the boiler frame BBP 210-140 by the method of increasing the cross section is proposed.


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