Nanomodification of the system СаО−SO3−H2O


  • V.M. Derevianko Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine
  • N.V. Kondratieva Ukrainian State University of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Ukraine
  • H.M. Hryshko Dnipro State Agrarian-Economic University, Ukraine



nanomodifying, gypsum binders, carbon nanotubes, hydration, nanosystem, solidified (hardened) structure


Problem statement. The process of structure formation generally depends on the initial composition of binders and additives affecting the hydration process. Analysis of the technical literature shows that in the manufacture of mineral binders, preference is given to the creation of composite binders and the use of various additives and factors influencing the hydration process. Particular interest are nanoadditives. Purpose of research. Determination of surfactants and nanoadditives influence on the process of hydration and structure formation for gypsum binders. Conclusions. Investigations on the directional regulation of the gypsum binders’ properties have shown that the specific surface area of various anisotropic surfaces regulates the shape of the crystals as well as their formation and growth kinetics. It was found that the process of gypsum binders hydration and formation can be regulated using the specific surface dimensions, the nanoadditives parameters, as well as by changing the concentration in the solution. The influence of micro- and nanoadditives on the change of the system surface energy, as well as on introduction of plasticizer and change of time solution is in the supersaturated state (which increases the number of nuclear centers of crystallization) was experimentally and theoretically determined and proved.

Author Biographies

V.M. Derevianko, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Dr. Sc. (Tech.)., Prof.

N.V. Kondratieva , Ukrainian State University of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Cand. Sc. (Tech.)., Assoc. Prof.

H.M. Hryshko, Dnipro State Agrarian-Economic University

Cand. Sc. (Tech.)., Assoc. Prof.