Structurization in metals at their crystallizationin hydrogen atmosphere

V. Yu. Karpov, V. V. Karpov, O. V. Komisarchuk


Formulation of the problem. The problem of formation of porous structure in cast metals is connected with necessity to reduce quantity of materials for manufacturing of products at preservation all of them parameters except weight. The purpose of work-definition of key parameters of process of manufacturing gazars  at the several centers of crystallization. Methods. As materials for researches copper of mark М0 which was processed in experimental installation with use of special forms with the several centers of crystallization served. Research methods − macro- and the microanalysis, porosity measurement, definition of parameters for reception of a minimum quantity of defects of structure were used. Results. It is established, that at two fronts of crystallization (axial and radial) samples gazars have homogeneous enough structure which parameters depend on conditions of process of reception. The size of porosity and the sizes of a time can be changed pressure of saturation and crystallization, degree of thermal contact to refrigerators. At two counter fronts of crystallization the structure of the received samples considerably differs from the previous series. Influence of pressure of saturation and crystallization influence structure similarly, but their higher values for reception of homogeneous structure are required. Scientific novelty. The basic laws of formation of structure gazars are established at two fronts of crystallization variously focused rather each other. Defects of structure, the reason of their occurrence and ways of their elimination are analyzed. Practical significance. Use of the received results will allow to receive products of the difficult form with in advance planned structure and properties at concrete parameters of process.


pressure of saturation; crystallization; a refrigerator; porosity; uniformity of structure


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