demolition of buildings and structures, dismantling, demolition, technological schemes, work production schemes, labor protection


The work is dedicated to the solution of relevant scientific and applied issue - increasing the efficiency of production projects development for the dismantling and demolition of old buildings. The shown issue of demolition (dismantling) of buildings and structures is a multidimensional, multifaceted, multifunctional, and interdisciplinary task. The process of old buildings demolition f requires the efforts and coordination of many specialists from different fields of knowledge and professions. One aspect of the issue is the design of efficient and safe work production technologies. The authors of publications on the topic of the research provide various examples and arguments for the use of various demolition methods and justify their advantages. These examples of practical experience of various methods application are mostly single particular cases, without generalizations, and the results are not embodied in the concrete finished documents and are of little use in practice at project development of works. All that is needed is to equip the developers with typical technological solutions (schemes) in conjunction with digital technologies for systematisation according to certain features and automated search in case of transfer for their reuse and which were clear and convincing for both parties (Customer and developer). The purpose of the article: typification and systematization of technical solutions (schemes) for the works’ production on dismantling and destruction of structures and digitalization for the process of work production project development. The object of research: a selection of the main technical solutions in the implementation of dismantling objects.

To realize the given goal, the following tasks were solved:

  • An electronic database of Work production project documentation was created from the implemented projects of dismantling (demolition) of buildings and structures. The sample population included more than 30 buildings and structures of industrial and civil purpose decommissioned and dismantled (demolished) over the past 7 years in Dnipropetrovsk and adjacent regions.
  • An analysis of the technical solutions (schemes) for the production of works included in the projects was carried out and the most important (key) factors of the object and the surroundings, which condition the technical solutions for the buildings and structures dismantling, were determined.
  • The series (limits) of changes in the numerical values of key factors, as well as the relative frequency (repeatability) of making those production decisions in the total volume of the sample population were obtained.
  • On the basis of groups of key factors, a system of documentation and review (search) was created based on key features of technical solutions, production schemes for dismantling buildings and structures.

Results. The research allowed us to proceed to typification of the most recurrent technical solutions and to digitalization of the Work production project development process, maximally using typical work production schemes (drawings, specifications, information) for reuse. Using a digitized base of typical technical solutions for reuse and digital technologies of systematization, review and transfer of work production schemes, it is aimed at significantly reducing the time of development of Work production project and their implementation with minimal expenditure of time and resources.

Author Biographies

А. І. BILOKON, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Department of Construction Production Technology, Dr. Sc. (Tech.), Prof.

P.I. NESEVRYA, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Department of Construction Production Technology, Cand. Sc. (Tech.), Assoc. Prof.

V.O. NAUMOV, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Department of Construction Organization and Management, Postgrad. Stud.