The structure and properties formation of hot-rolled steel 08ps after combined plastic deformation

V. Z. Kutzova, V. F. Balakin, G. P. Stetsenko, T. V. Kotova


Formulation of the problem. Achieving high strength and ductility required for the creation of new advanced structural and functional materials, it is one of their basic Materials Science problems. The formation of ultrafine-grained (UFG) and nanostructures (NS) by severe plastic deformation (SPD) provides high complex mechanical properties of metals and alloys, including structural steels. Presented results of the researches thin structure of the steel 08пс after severe plastic deformation (SPD) by torsion under hydrostatic pressure (HPT) at the 25 °C. Conclusion: It was shown that deformation is localized at the periphery of the sample and formed an inhomogeneous microstructure in diameter. Hardness is increased in 2 times and the modulus of elasticity is reduced in 7 % after deformation by comparison with the initial state. Thus, for steel 08пс decreasing elastic modulus and preservation ductility after HPT provides better propensity to formability, compared with the initial hot rolled state.


nanoindentation; Young's modulus; severe plastic deformation (SPD); under hydrostatic pressure torsion (HPT)


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