By identifying areas compromise performance materials quality

V. N. Volchuk


Purpose. Many of multiparameter technologies [1], which relates to the technology of production of rolls, are directed, for example, to implement the process of obtaining a material with a known set properties. Some of these properties by their physical nature may conflict with each other, for example, an increase in the hardness of iron or steel contrary to increase ductility and reduce brittleness. This raises the problem of determining the field, which will be called the area of compromise. Within the boundaries of the field of compromise contradiction between the criteria are valid for the user limits. Material and methods of research. The material for this study were taken cast iron mill rolls execution SSHHN (283 heats the sample to a total weight of 800 tons). In the manufacture of rolls used modifiers (Foundrisil, Elmag-600, Elmag-900, Vl 57 (М), Barinoc, Elgraf). Findings. Based on the analysis results of the active and passive experiments with graphoanalytical method identifies areas with the most effective combination of mechanical properties for section rolling rolls (area compromise quality criteria), depending on their chemical composition and structure parameters. To roll performance SSHHN region compromise combines the tolerance range of each of the mechanical properties: tensile strength 240…460 MPа, flexural strength 330…940 МРа, resilience 9…33 kJ / m2, Shore hardness 40…60 taking into account the full range of cooling conditions used in metallic form. Originality. For the first time defined the area of compromise with the most effective combination of mechanical properties working area roll barrels performances SSHHN on certain borders of components of the chemical composition and structure parameters. Practical value. The implementation of this method allows you to set the priority of the complex mechanical properties of the roll, to predict changes the process and automatically adjust its chemical composition.


compromise area; chemical composition; cast iron; the mechanical properties; graphite


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